Three ways to have your most productive day yet!


Surely it’s not just me that feels like a superwoman whenever I smash out all of my to-do lists by lunchtime right? But I also understand you don’t want to feel completely overwhelmed figuring out how you can be your most efficient badass self. That’s just another thing to add to the list, right? That’s why I’ve put together this super short list of three things that I’ve found to make the most difference for me. Give them a try and let me know if you notice any improvements!

1) Plan the night before

Ok so with this first point we’re going to get a little bit crazy and actually start planning that super productive day the night before. Crazy I know! So I’m all about the lists and actually have two separate to-do lists. The first is more of a master list where I put everything that needs to be done regardless of whether it can wait for a week or if it needed to be done yesterday (Oops). The second one, which is the one we need to take a look at right now, is the daily to-do list. So each night I have a look at the master list and see what I will do the next day and move it to the daily list. Breaking it down like this makes everything seem so much more manageable and really allows me to focus without getting overwhelmed.

2) Time Block

This is one that I had heard a lot before but had never really implemented. So many “ragrets” (regrets for the people that don’t waste so much time getting lost in memes on the internet). The Pomodoro technique people! So as a quick overview this involves focusing purely on one thing for 25 minutes and then having a five minute break. No multitasking allowed! Maybe it’s just my competitive nature but I tend to challenge myself to get as much done as I possibly can and find I don’t waste time getting distracted or procrastinating. This one is perfect to get anything done. I use it for both working on my business from home or cleaning and household chores.

3) Treat Yo Self

As much as we all like to pretend that we’re all super motivated all the time, I know for me at least that is definitely not the case. In fact, I would even go so far as to say I can be downright lazy a lot of the time. So a little bit of a reward does not go astray. Find whatever it is that works for you. If you are really struggling to get the last page of your report written remind yourself that the new episode of Riverdale has just been released and once it’s done you can get your popcorn and blanket and watch Archie Andrews to your hearts content.


So from someone who is not necessarily very organised in general, these are the tips I’ve been using to make sure I get stuff done. Hopefully, they can help you out as well! Let me know in the comments what your other top tips are!

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